How I get inspired

Many people ask me how I manage to come up with different designs all the time, and that is a seriously difficult question to answer. I always have so many ideas of what I want to make, and I honestly don’t know where they’re coming from. I’ve been interested in fashion design my whole life, and was constantly sketching away whenever I had some spare time growing up. That never changed, and I don’t even know how many sketches I have in storage by now. Luckily they have gotten better with time! I remember one time when we were taking a family trip many many years ago, and I brought my sketch book with me to stay busy on the plane. After getting to the hotel, and looking for it, I realized I had left it in the seat pocket on the plane. We called and asked if they had found it, without any luck of course, and I remember being so devastated. Next measure of action was to just get over it, get a new one, and start from scratch!

But back to what inspires me:



I’ve become more and more in love with using colors, and I’m especially drawn to light and bright pastel colors. It’s probably because I live in a place where summer is an all-year-thing, and that has definitely influenced me. If I was back in Norway, during the cold winter months, I would probably replace the baby pink with dark grey.



I love looking back at previous styles and icons, and draw inspiration from what was seen as cool back in the days. For a long time, the o’mighty 90’s has been a huge inspiration to me, when it comes to colors, fabrics, styles and silhouettes.

Street style:


I’ve always been following blogs and magazines to catch up on what my favorite it-girls are wearing, and I definitely get drawn to those who stands out a little and are not necessary following what’s on trend right now. My absolute favorites are the sisters behind Love their quirky style!

Fashion designers:


It’s always inspiring looking at what my favorite designers have made lately. There are many I look up to, but my top three at the moment are probably Manish Arora, Valentin Yudashkin and Alice McCall. They all have one thing in common: a good eye for feminine romance!

Project Runway:


I cannot write this post without mentioning my favorite show in the wooorld, Project Runway. I’ve watched every single season probably five times each, and I always get inspired to design after watching it. The unconventional challenges are what inspires me the most, as that’s when the designers get to be the most creative, and when the results usually are the most breathtaking.

So there it is, some of my sources of inspiration. I’m sure I’ll make more posts like this later, as it is constantly changing.

Introducing: PRINTS

When making something, the first, and most important step is picking out a fabric. The fabric you choose to use can make or break the garment, and what the end result looks like is totally dependent on what fabric you’re using. Personally, I’ve tried working with a lot of different materials and textures, but what I haven’t used too much is prints. I’ve mostly been drawn to what a fabric feels like and it’s color, and I’ve never really found too many prints that I’ve liked. But that was then, this is now:





I think these fabrics are so vibrant, and they just look “happy” to me. Can’t wait to start working with them 😀


Remember when I told you I was bringing the 90’s back for my upcoming collection? Well, I wasn’t joking. I present to you: Barbie jewelry!


Now, I’m well aware this super woman was born well before the 90’s, but I sure spent a good portion of my childhood playing with her, fantasizing and acting out what kind of life she’s living. I really liked the idea of using actual Barbie dolls in my collection, so I simply beheaded her, and attached her head to a silver ring. Easy peasy.



Some people might find it a little awkward wearing this in public, but I for one think it’s pretty cool. And when the whole collection is done and put together, I think this will give it that fun and playful touch that I want it to have.


♥ Thank you Glenda for the Barbies! ♥


Now, what do you think? Is it completely wackadoodle?

Vest in progress


Fine by me, I love PINK 😀

So, I wanted to make a long vest mixing a bright pink and a colorful lace fabric I found. I think vests are so versatile, and they can really add something special to an otherwise plain outfit. This one I’m working on I will probably pair with shorts and a tank top, and just let the vest be the ☆ of the outfit.





I mean, how gorgeous is this lace? I love all the colors combined and the gold that really sticks out. I think I have to buy more of it, and use it in even more garments.

I already used it for this tee I made earlier:


Inspired by

Fashion blogs have always been a source of inspiration for me, and I have a little handful of different bloggers I regularly brows through. Two girls I’ve been following for a long time now, and that has made it to this inspirational column, is the sisters behind the blog


The Australian sisters started the blog to keep each other up to date with their lives when they moved apart, and since then the blog has grown tremendously. They definitely have their own, original style, and I get taken back by their ability to mix and match pieces you never would have thought could go together.

street style howtwolive


They certainly have fun with their clothing, and never takes it too seriously. It almost looks like they play dress up everyday before leaving the house, with crazy outfits in bright colors. The fact that they match their outfits is also a huge plus in my mind.


I could scroll through their blog all day!

My take on a choker

Making accessories is something I’ve become quite the fond of. It’s a quick and easy way to add a little extra to an outfit, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to finish something quickly. Some of the garments I’ve made I’ve been working on for days, so making chokers like this one in 15 minutes is a nice change.


I made this one using clear vinyl, a beaded trim and gold fringes. My plan is to make a whole bunch of these in different variations. I definitely want to see all my models in handmade accessories, I think it will enhance the collection and bring it to another level:)




I’ll post more as I get them finished!

Crisp and clean

Even though a big part of my collection will consist of color and prints, I want to use some elements of clean and light colors to break it up a bit. There will therefore be quite a lot of white in there, of course with some hints of color in trims and decorations. Here is one top I’ve been working on that is almost finished. The pictures are showing the back of it, where I added some pearls and a light pink ribbon




I really love gold zippers, and for some reason the fabric stores I go to are almost always out of them every time I check. The next time I find them I just have to get a bunch of them. I will end up as a zipper horderer (is that a word?) in the end probably. But hey, you can always use a zipper!


I put a high slit in the back, so it will flare out at the bottom. I’ve always thought that looked very flattering, and it’s the first time I’ve tried something like this.


I kind of like how simple it is. Every piece on the runway can’t be bold and really out there, I think there needs to be a balance. In that way the major pieces can shine on their own, and not “compete” with everything else. I’ve definitely been watching Project Runway too much – I can hear Tim Gunn’s voice in my head as I’m writing this 😛


Will do.

Sequins on my mind

Sequins can go so wrong, and they can be so right. I’ve had a slight obsession with them lately, especially after scrolling through image after image of sparkly, heavenly sequin garments. I bought a light, purple sequin fabric ages ago, but I’ve been so scared of using it I haven’t even given it a try. But now I think I know exactly what to do with it! I’ll show you later. Here’s some eye-candy for you in the meantime:


♥ All images from Pinterest

Highlights so far

I wanted to do a little post dedicated to my best experiences since starting the blog and going “public” with my sewing. So let’s just jump right into it!

♥ First up was the launch itself. It was so exciting publishing the very first posts, and receive such good feedback from the people around me. That’s what really motivated me to keep sewing.


♥ I got interviewed by a couple publications, which of course was exciting. By having to answer all these questions regarding my sewing really put it all in perspective for me, as well convincing me even more that this is what I want to do in life.


Utetrend / Olivejooce

♥ Last summer I did a couple pop-up shops/stands in Oslo; one at Birkelunden and one at “Lokale Helters Marked” in collaboration with Yelp Oslo. I had the opportunity to sell my designs (to strangers, which I wasn’t used to), as well as meet a whole bunch of friendly people interested in what I was doing. I definitely want to do something similar again, it was so much fun!


♥ A little over a year ago I started working with the magazine 2minutter, which has been one of the best experiences I’ve had design vise. I’ve had some of my designs featured in the magazine, as well as writing articles.


2minutter can be bought in Narvesen stores in Norway, and you can also check out the website here.

♥ One thing that I’ve always loved to do, which I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of, is making “made-to-order” pieces for friends and family. People have come to me with their wants and wishes, and I’ve done everything in my power to bring their visions to life. I’ve made several dresses, pants, tops and skirts, but also a dance costume and a wedding dress. Making something people actually want to wear is the best feeling ever.


♥ One thing that definitely needs to be on this list is making my own wedding dress. It will probably be the most “important” piece of clothing I will ever wear, so it needs to be P E R F E C T ! But it is so exciting, and I cannot wait to see the final result (which will probably happen a week before the wedding, haha).
cat playing

♥ The final highlight of my career will be showing a collection at Tucson Fashion Week. This will be my first time actually showcasing my work in front of an audience, and that’s of course something to be nervous excited about!


Thats it for now – hopefully this list will grow and grow in the years to come. So long ♥

Inspired by

I thought I would start a little column where I talk about people I look up to when it comes to fashion design. It can be anyone, from designer to someone I know, a personality or an icon. So here we go!

The first person I would like to mention is someone who has a a lot of fun with fashion, and who isn’t afraid of going all out: Fashion designer Manish Arora.


I first got my eyes open for the designer a couple years ago, and have since then looked to his pieces for inspiration.


Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer based in New Delhi, who was born and raised in Mumbai. His work is clearly influenced by his heritage and home country, with intricate details and explosions of colors in each of his designs. He is a genius at mixing patterns and different materials, and everything he makes is like a piece of art. I would definitely categorize him as an avant-garde designer, and it’s his extravagant pieces I’m mostly drawn to. His pieces have been seen on every celebrity out there, not surprisingly. This man is an artist, and what he’s presenting to the industry is a fresh take on fashion. His pieces are loud, in your face, and demands attention.

My favorite collection of his was his Spring 2015 collection. It’s filled with dreamy pastel colors and a mix of patterns and textures done to perfection. Here are my favorite looks:

fashion designer manish arora

I mean, wowza!