Hi! Long time no see.. I’ve been kind of out of the blog world for a while, but that doesn’t mean I’m out of the sewing world. As a matter of fact, I’ve been invited to show a collection at Tucson Fashion Week this October! Weee:D I was out-of-this-world happy when I got the news, and I’ve had this collection in my head ever since.


Tucson Fashion Week is the biggest event of the year for the fashion-guru’s in the city of Tucson, where local, regional and national designers gathers to show their latest collections. I’m very excited to be a part of this, as it will be the first time I’m ever showcasing a cohesive collection in front of an audience. It will definitely push me to think a little differently when it comes to my designs, as the collection needs to be somewhat cohesive in contrast to just designing individual pieces. I will create 8-12 full looks, that will be walked down the runway by models in the amazing Rialto Theater October 13. C A N  N O T  W A I T !

The first measure of action was to find my inspiration. I’ve always been drawn to pastel colors and 90’s style, so that will definitely play a big part in my collection. It will be a good mix of everything I love: fun, playful, romantic, colorful and girly. I’m basically making the collection of my dreams. Here’s a little collage to get an idea:


I’m so excited to get fully started on this, and I will definitely post pictures of the process as I go. I’m prepared for a lot of hard work, with long hours and potential semi-breakdowns along the way, but I’m absolutely certain it will be an experience I’ll never forget.

Tickets for the event can be found here.

Printed Maxi


Here’s a couple snaps of the latest dress I’ve made. As the pattern is kind of bold, I went for a simple design, and a maxi dress is something I’ve been wanting to make for a long time. It’s super comfortable to wear, and the perfect thing to throw on when you want to dress up a little on a warm summer day. Here, it actually might be too long though – this weekend the temperature is getting up to as high as 45 degrees! It’s probably safest to stay inside underneath the air condition. Or in the pool. Anyways, that Tucson for you, can’t complain!

Have a good one 🙂




The dress can be bought here 🙂



Dress, choker and scrunchie (yes, I’m hooked on scrunchies atm) by me. Photographer: Ray Larson.

Etsy news

Handmade circle skirt

I’ve added some new items in my Etsy shop! I found a lot of pictures in my archive of old favorites, and since I still have them I figured I should put them up for sale 🙂

Handmade t-shirt dress

fashion design blog

Handmade lace shorts etsy

Check out what more’s for sale here!


Striped summer coat


My latest edition to my jacket collection is this white and blue striped coat. It was my first time sewing a full length coat, and the pattern I used was pretty tricky, but I managed to finish in the end. I tend to underestimate how much fabric I need to get, and for this one I barely had enough. I actually had to add a second fabric to be able to have long sleves, but I think it worked out fine. Anywayzz, if you want to shop this look, click here 🙂




handmade-summer-coat Coat and top by me. Photographer: Ray Larson.

Neon aztec pattern

azte pattern handmade clutch

Here’s the latest edition to my little clutch collection. This time I decided to go all out with my favorite neon colors – it’s summer after all 🙂 Click here to get it!

fashion design blog

fashion designer handmade

colorful aztec pattern clutch

fashion design bloggerClutch by me.

My first sale on Etsy

fashion design unique handbag

I made this bag a little while ago, and it ended up being my first Etsy sale 😀 Too see what more’s for sale, check out my shop here 🙂

handmade black handbag

fashion design unique handbag

fashion design unique handbag

fashion design unique handbag

Custommade collaboration


I little while ago my friend Annika asked if I wanted to make her a special dress for her birthday, and the answer was obviously yes 😀 She had a nice concept in mind, and together we came up with the design. With a lot of her help the dress was done by the end of the same day, and I think it looks stunning on her! 🙂





Dress by me (and Annika). Photography: Peder Nordbye Rundberget

Black and white


This post was originally really colorful, but after watching the movie Pleasantville I got inspired to do it in black and white. Has anyone seen it? It’s pretty weird, but I kind of liked it! Anyway, I’m wearing all of my designs here; the skirt, the sweater and the clutch. Hope you have a great Sunday!

fashion-design-blog fashion-designer-bloggfashion-design-handmade fashion-designer-blogger norwegian-fashion-designer photoseries-black-and-white

The skirt can be bought here 🙂


Sweater, skirt and clutch by me. Photographer: Ray Larson.


What’s coming next

playful vest

Hey everyone! I’ve been so busy lately with no time to take pictures, but I have made a lot of stuff I haven’t showed you yet. Here is just a little preview of what’s coming soon.

As you can see, I’ve worked a lot more with color lately, which I love! I’ve also started using prints more, which I used to be kind of scared of, but it can really make a garment stand out. This crazy Mexican print I found in a small, but awesome, fabric store here in Tucson. They have a whole lot of prints and textures I’ve never seen anywhere else, so I definitely have to go back and get some more goodies. Hope you have a great day 🙂

handmade vest fringes

gold skirt details

handmade gold skirt

detailed handmade cool gold skirt

White leather jacket handmade

one of a kind leather jacket

maxi dress handmade

summer maxi dress

handmade summer maxi dress print

Everything made by me:)


handmade black handbag

Handmade aztec print clutch

Handmade triangle clutch

White and turquoise leather clutch